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Criminal Cartel in the Police Force: Has the IGP lodged a police report?

1. EDICT would like to once again urge the public to give attention to the issue raised by the Inspector General of Police on the 1st January 2021.

2. This issue seems not to have raised any support nor concerns from the relevant stakeholders. Why is this so?

3. The Inspector General of Police states that he is facing a serious issue, which is the Police Cartel in PDRM. This simply means that there are policemen who conspire with criminals in order to ensure their illegal activities run smoothly.

4. EDICT advises the Inspector General of Police to lodge a police report, taking into account there are elements of criminality in this case. According to Section 13 of the Criminal Procedure Code, any person who is aware or has information regarding any offences under the Penal Code specified in the particular section, has a legal obligation to lodge a police complaint. In addition, Section 20 of the Police Act 1967 also mandates that all policemen must faithfully comply with all duties.

5. It is also customary for all police officers to advise anyone who knows about the commission of any criminal incident to lodge a report at the police station. With regards to the concern of the “Police Cartel” raised by the Inspector General of Police, the issue arises as to whether he has reported this to the police, to investigate, and take the necessary actions.

6. If he has, EDICT urges the PDRM to investigate and take immediate actions accordingly with the complaint. EDICT also hopes that such investigation can be conducted transparently, professionally and with the highest integrity.

7. If no report has been lodged, EDICT urges the Inspector General of Police to lodge a police report on the issue of “Police Cartel”, specifically against the police officers involved so that appropriate actions can be taken according to the law.

8. EDICT would like to reiterate our position. We highly appreciate the work done by the police. Nevertheless, PDRM must ensure that their members are trustworthy, and honest in carrying out their duties with the highest integrity.

"Don’t let a bad apple spoil the whole barrel”.

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